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Are you a "financial enabler"?

Are you a “financial enabler”? Do you have kids that perceive you as “the bank of mom or dad”? If that could be you or sounds familiar, take notice. “Real love” isn’t tossing money at your kids to help them through financial misdeeds and bad decisions, especially if that “song” sounds familiar way too often. It’s a tune that parents sometimes hear over and over from their kids through many years of the radio station replaying that “financial song”. The station being our kids whom have still not learned certain responsibilities and sound financial systems that are “life-lessons”. After all, what happens to them if us parents are no longer around to throw them the financial “life-preserver”? Better than them drowning at sea, teach and employ financial lessons and boundaries. Tough love works! Don’t be afraid, they won’t disown you, maybe at first but not forever.