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Budgeting gets a "bad rap"

Budgeting gets a “bad rap”.  Poor, poor Mr. Budget!  He has the worst reputation that an intangible object or concept could ever have.  Everyone hates him, but they don’t really know or understand him.  If he were alive he’d say, “try me – oh please give me a shot!” “I’m not what you think, I can help you!”  Unfortunately, from our government to big and small businesses down to the average person, no one want to budget.  It’s the plague we feel or think!  But truly a sound budget – which is nothing more than an understanding or “snapshot” of where our money comes from and where it goes explains and reveal numerous facts and feelings about our “money-life”.  From there we can then set goals and plans that move off that base financial statement on to where we want to go.

Than in turn releases any guilt or confusion from the reality of our finances; especially on a monthly basis.  Think back in time about what “could have been” had we established basic budgets and not turned the other way “hoping” our finances would some-how hold together.

It’s time for Mr. budget to get the positive reputation that he deserves.

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