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Do your finances control you?

The “tiger by the tail”? Huh? What’s that phrase got to do with my personal financial ideas and situation? A bunch actually, a whole bunch to be sure. Over my 34 years of being a financial counselor, most people I’ve found let their finances grab or control them instead of the other way around. Especially people in major debt. Then it’s too late in most situations. Heavy debt feels like the world is coming to an end or the “tiger” is out of control and we’re hanging onto it by the tail. Which can only bite us or end in a big problem. A problem that may stay with them for a long time through things like bad credit or heavy interest charges.
Instead, people in heavy debt need to confront it, the reasons it happened and find guidance through the right counselors to work their way out of that terrible situation. And hopefully, avoid bankruptcy.
Help is out there: go to: for a start and to find the “road to recovery”