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Fine-tune Your Retirement Preparations

Is retirement within sight? As you get closer to retirement, your thoughts may turn to the day when you’ll finally be able to slow down and relax. But during the time that remains, take the opportunity to do all you can to ease your transition.

  • Talk over expectations
  • Make a retirement budget
  • Review your investments
  • Assistance is available

See this month’s issue of Let’s Talk Money, these tips may give you a better retirement outlook.

• One Piece of the Puzzle

Do you know where your retirement income will come from? If you’re like a lot of people, it won’t come from just one source. Your retirement plan, pensions, other savings, a job during retirement and Social Security all may be potential sources of income. It’s typically a good idea not to rely on a single source — especially Social Security — to provide the bulk of your retirement income.

• Healthy Financial Habits

Resolving to get financially fit is a great way to start 2018. Here are some ways to develop healthy money habits in the new year.

• In Case of Emergency

Are you prepared for a large, unexpected expense? What would you do if the roof were to leak, the car were to need a new transmission or you were to have a medical emergency? Would you charge the amount to a high-interest-rate credit card or turn to your emergency fund to cover the cost? If you don’t have an emergency fund, here’s how to build one.

• Q&A Let’s Talk Retirement
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